Success at the EARLI SIG Assessment and Evaluation Conference at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

On June 26, 27, and 28, the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) hosted the EARLI SIG Assessment and Evaluation Conference. The UOC research group Feed2Learn led its organization in Barcelona and served as the local organizing committee. The conference was a great success, with over 100 attendees and the presentation with high-quality presentations showing relevant and impacting research results.

The Feed2Learn group presented two studies conducted by our team researchers:

First, Montserrat Martinez Melo, along with Anna Espasa, Teresa Guasch, and Rosa M. Mayordomo, presented the research titled «Disengagement with Feedback Students Profile: Factors to Reduce Disengagement in Online Environments.» This study addresses the cognitive and emotional disengagement of approximately 30% of online higher education students concerning feedback. Through a survey of 1445 university students, key factors were identified that can reduce this disengagement profile. The research highlights that receiving suggestive feedback is the key factor in reducing the profile of students minimally engaged with feedback. Additionally, if intrinsic motivation is encouraged and the opportunity to rewrite learning activities is facilitated, this percentage is reduced to a minimum of 7%. The results can easily be transferred to teaching practice as they provide a tool for designing personalized feedback scenarios that consider both the feedback design and the individual characteristics of the students.

Second, the entire research group led by Anna Espasa and Teresa Guasch, with the support of Rosa M. Mayordomo, Montserrat Martinez Melo, José Luna, and Florentina Cavaro, directed a collaborative space titled «Internal Feedback in Online Learning Environments: Scenarios and Methodological Challenges.» This space aimed to share and reflect on internal feedback practices in online higher education. The presentation is part of the IN_FEED4SUSTAIN project (The power of internal feedback in online education:Integrating resource and dialogical comparisons for sustainable practices) funded by the Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Universities of the Spanish Government. The project, structured in two phases, includes a questionnaire of faculty and students on internal feedback practices and the implementation of a quasi-experiment to test the different identified scenarios. During the session, preliminary results from the first phase questionnaire were presented, and the methodological challenges associated with internal feedback research were discussed.

For the members of the Feed2Learn group, it has been a pleasure to serve as the local organizing committee and to host so much talent at our headquarters in Barcelona.

We hope to see soon!

*Feed2Learn team during the conference